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Federico Bedoya The Zumba Zone Instructorzumba-fitness  zumba-gold

Hi and welcome to Zumba Zone!

My name is Federico Bedoya and I come all the way from Colombia, where Zumba began, to dance and have fun. In Colombia we love to party and we love to dance.

I was born and raised in Ibague, the capital of music in Colombia. I was a gym instructor for 10 years before coming to the UK to study. My family are all professional dancers so movement, music and rhythm are in my blood.

From an early age I performed in dance troupes and carnivals all over Colombia. But I also enjoy all forms of fitness. It truly is my passion.

Not only am I the first Colombian Zumba instructor in the UK since 2007, I used to work alongside the creators of Zumba….a class with me is like immersing yourself in the roots of Zumba!

The reason I love Zumba is simple: every class feels like a party. You’ll see what I mean. This is not a work-out. It is a great way of keeping fit, but the accent is on FUN!

If you have never been to South America, I would like to bring a slice of South America to you.

Check the Classes Page to find one that suits you.


Claudia-Malone-Zumba-Zone-Instructor1 CLAUDIA MALONE

Hometown: Durban, South Africa

Favourite Song: Too many to choose from but here are a few: Ojos asi – unplugged (Shakira), La fiesta (Marcelo Cezán), Zoomer (Les Jumo), Pegáte (Ricky Martin)

Favourite Zumba Moment: When we ended up with an Aerosmith karaoke session for the cool down…AWESOME song! This is what happens after doing three classes back-to-back…sensibility goes out the window and exhaustion sets in…

Introduction to Zumba: We’ve all been there…our first Zumba class, where we stand at the back and think to ourselves ’what have I got myself into?’ But then you hear the music and you feel the energy in the class begins to get going. Next thing you know, your hips are moving, every part of your body is shimmying and an infectious laughter takes over the whole class. That was my first experience of Zumba and I’ve never looked back!

Random fact: My theory is that all good things in life begin with a ‘C’ – champagne, chocolate, caipirhinas and then of course, CAKE!